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America's Vacation Experts:

For more than 25 years now with home based office, Advance Cruise & Travel (ACT) has been a name related with travel in USA, providing personalized travel planning and insight into the newest travel trends and destinations.  We have customized many vacation packages by combining land, air and transportation sending many travelers to all corners of the world on trips ranging from honeymoons to family getaways, romantic escapes to reunions, and everything in between. It is our pride and joy to think of ourselves as America’s Vacation Expert for all of life’s vacation moments. We work with all cruise lines.

Advance Cruise and  Travel will save you hours of time and energy searching online while providing impressive customer service rooted in the fact that real people make a real difference. Some of the advantages of working with us include our guidance on itineraries, things to do, places to go, and how to get the most out of your vacation while being cost effective.  These are some of the differences between booking travel online and the personal touch Padma provides.

“Personal service is something the internet cannot offer but we can!”

24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance

If you have an emergency within 24 hours of departure or while you are vacationing feel

free to contact us at 630.369.3800 or on my cell number 630.479.3801

A true professional when it comes to creating travel experiences; allow Padma to consult

with you to create the wonderful escapade. With over 25 years of experience, Padma has

the knowledge, skills, and contacts to customize an unforgettable travel experience for you.

ABOUT PADMA MEHTA (in her own words)

​As the owner of Advance Cruise & Travel, I am a seasoned professional with broad travel

and vacation experience along with the enthusiasm for travel. Having traveled all over the

world and ​keeping abreast with the industry, I can provide the latest destination and

property developments. In addition, I know how to create the best vacation, trip, or holiday

that works within your budget.

One of my areas of expertise is overseas travel. With first-hand experience, I can provide

the product choices that can be challenging for vacationers attempting to navigate these

fascinating destinations. My love for travel takes me all over the world.

My Goals:
To make trip planning convenient for you.
To provide you with the opportunity to browse at your convenience any hour of the day or night

for updated vacation ideas.
To provide customer service and an experience to exceed expectations.
Ultimately, it's all about providing the best value for your money.
​As I help you plan your vacation, I have plenty of experiences to draw upon. The places I have

traveled are listed below. If I haven't traveled to where you would like to visit, I have excellent

resources available to me.

I have escorted and/or customized groups to;
​1.    Greece & Turkey                    2.    Italy & Spain         3.   Scotland & Ireland & England       4. Europe

5.    Dominican Republic                6.   India                      7.   China                                           8.   Taiwan   

9.    Japan                                     9.   Russia                  10.   Asia                                            11.   Middle East  

12.  Australia & New Zealand       13.   Africa                   14.   Central America                         15.   S. America

16.  Mexico  (Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa & many more …)

17.  Balkan states (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Monte Negro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania.)

18.  Cruises to Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii , Mexico & Europe

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